It's a tome of hideous evils. It's a catalog of iniquity and suffering.

And it's a coloring book!


Let Hell's Alphabet be your baby's first step into reading. And demonology.

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Echidna thumb GlasyaLabolas thumb Zaebos thumb


- 30 pages
- allow 2 weeks delivery
- $10 + 2.99 S/H

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About the Creators

Kristin Hogan - pictures

Kristin Hogan graduated Cum Laude from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2001 with a double major B.F.A. in Sequential Art and Video/Film. She has self-published two graphic novels: Dead Squirrel Girl Volume 1 and 2, and is currently finishing the third. She also creates hand made plush sea creatures. Kristin lives and works in Austin, TX creating art and teaching. She enjoys knee socks and Irish Breakfast tea. You can find her work at

Jason Murphy - words

In spite of being an adult, Jason is a comic book and video game nerd, as well as a horror movie fetishist. He was born of a jackal and loves Scotch. Rumors that he was raised by an animatronic band in an abandoned Chuck E. Cheese are completely true. Photo by Dave Martindale | EmptyAllegory Photography